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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 25, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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i did not know what it meant, do be that. i looked it up. thanks for watching. please remember the spin stops right here, because we are right here, because we are looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: presidential, will obama shift back toward the center with tomorrow's state of the union address? >> i find it remarkable for a black man. >> sean: race and the right to life. rick santorum and reverend sharpton go head-to-head over the former senator's controversial comments. >> i'd like the responsibility to fight for you again.
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>> sean: george allen is here with a big announcement about his political future of the >> the shocking secret meeting behind the song this chinese pianist played at the white house state dinner. hannity starts right here, right now. tonight rahm rahmbo dead fish emanuel in illinois appellate court ordered dead fish's name to be taken off the mayoral ballot. the court ruled he does not meet the resident s. candidates must have lived in chicago for one year before the election. dead fish says he's not backing down. >> i still own a home here. with the thought of moving into it one day. vote from here. pay property taxes here. i believe the people of the city of chicago deserve the right to make the decision. i think this will go to the supreme court. >> sean: dick morris will join me with his take on whether
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rahmbo will make it to the ballot. >> all eyes on the white house. it is widely anticipated that the president will try to throw some of his left wing views under the bus and move towards the political center that. was the message politicians on both sides were sending this weekend. >> all of this is an effort to retool the image. i'm happy the president is pivoting, we all know why. but it is a trust but verify moment. >> he has really reconnected to the vital center of american politics. >> i think the president has already changed a great deal. tomorrow night he's going to be talking about cutting spending. >> sean: haven't we seen this movie before? i think we call this triangulation during the clinton era. he cast himself as a conservative democrat, remember this. >> we know and we have worked
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to give the american people a smaller less bureaucratic government in washington. we have to give the american people one that lives within its means. applause ] >> the era of big government is over. [ applause ] >> sean: given anointed one's radical track record will voters buy the message? joining me now with reaction the man considered the brains behind the triangulation strategy, former clinton adviser dick morris is back. welcome back. >> good that. was my line. the era of big government is over, i wrote it. >> sean: thanks a lot dick. there's a full corp press.
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"the new york times" writes "after two years in which his response to the economic crisis and his push for the health care bill defined him to many he's seeking to recast himself as a more business pragmatic progressive." dick, i don't buy it. even if he uttered the words that clinton uttered, that you fed him. i don't think he's able to pull it off. >> clinton backed up his words with policy. he balanced the budget. he reformed welfare. he toughened the sentences on crime. what is going to happen this year with obama, this is going to be the most important legislative year in recent history. one after another, republicans in congrere in the state houses, are going to confront him with policy challenges. he's going to move to the left on those changes. he's not going to compromise. he will show people he's not a moderate, even though his
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speeches will indicate that he is. >> sean: we saw that in the campaign, when he first became president and now. one of the other issues, according to reports tomorrow night he's going to spend a lot of time talking congresswoman giffords, tone in the country. the same guy that has a track record of saying incendiary things, hanging out with radical people. last week when republicans were compared to not days, he didn't hear him -- to nazis, i didn't hear him say that has to stop. >> he's good at style, at substance he's got problems. the first test will be when the republicans slash government spending by 2 1/2 trillion dollars over 10 years as the price of raising the debt limit. if he wants to cut that and have less cuts, half of too much spending is still too much spending. the next test is when the governors, corbet in
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pennsylvania, insist on school choice and vouchers and school ships. daniels and scott in indiana and florida, walker in wisconsin all doing it this is school choice week and it is spreading throughout the country. in washington, the republican leaders are going to tell the states, you go into bankruptcy and abrogate your union contracts, you are not getting our bailouts. he's going to oppose that. then you have the republicans who are going to defund obamacare and epa carbon tax and cap and trade and card check. please going to veto that. this tone and image of moderation will smash up against the rocks of the republican programs and reveal the extremism that obama has under the surface. >> sean: interesting to get a lecture from somebody in alinsky style has isolated fox and talk radio and chamber of commerce and karl rove ante
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party and any opposition in health care. what do you think of this court decision with rahm in chicago, dick? pretty interesting, but i don't think it is over because the supreme court in that state is pretty liberal. >> yeah. also, the whole state is corrupt. you have no idea how those democratic officials are going to vote and who got paid by who. i'm amazed that the appellate court had the integrity to read the that you have to live in chicago for a year before the election. is there anybody in the united states who thinks the chief of staff to the president doesn't live in the white house, i lives in chicago? you got to be kidding me. he's trying to sell the idea that he lives in chicago when obviously his job was in washington. >> sean: he had two decisions in his favor up to this one. one last question, state of the union tomorrow night. i assume the president is going to try to portray himself as moderate/more
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conservative than he is. is there any three or four people, on the top of your list that you think have the best chance of defeating him in 2012? >> it is early to make a list. i have a column on dick that talks about what we have to do to defeat obama. romney is too close to the health care proposal. huckabee, palin and gingrich, republicans like them, but they worry about the baggage they carry. there are a lot of good understudies there. christie if he runs. daniels, pence, demint and thune. a lot of really good second tier candidates. this process is only just beginning.éxgg the key in defeating him not who the candidate is, it is whether the republicans give him programmatic suggestions and bills where he has to
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demonstrate his moderation or stand convicted as an extremist. put him to the test. >> sean: dick morris thanks. >> coming up fiery debate. rick santorum ignited a firestorm with a remark that some are accusing him of being racist. he'll duke it out with the reverend al sharpton. next. >> former senator george allen makes a big announcement right here. >> beckel on our great american panel. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪
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. >> sean: former pennsylvania senator santorum is getting mixed reaction from people on the right and leftover comments that he made in a recent interview. santorum was asked if a fetus in the womb has a right to life from the moment of conception? this was his response. >> when barack obama is asked is a child human life? that's before my pay grade. everything else in the world he's willing to have the government do but he can't answer that basic question which is not a debatable question. i don't think you will find a biologist in the world who will say that is not heumann life. question is, is that human life -- life a person under the constitution? barack obama says no.
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well, if that human life is not a person, then i find it almost remarkable for a black man to say we are going to decide who are people and who are not people. >> sean: joining me to react, rick santorum. with us from the national action knelt work reverend al sharpton. are you surprised at the reaction? >> yeah. what i was saying is that we saw for the first -- more than 100 years in this country when we denied personhood to human life in the form of black people in america. it took the 14th amendment of the constitution to bestow personhood under the constitution, to blacks in america. now, the supreme court, 100 years later, 1973, says they are going to use that same 14th amendment that granted personhood and say that this group of peep, human life in the womb is going to be denied
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personhood. my comment was, barack obama should be sensitive, more so than probably most people as a civil rights and constitutional lawyer should be sensitive to how we people in the constitution. >> sean: reverend al are you pro-life? >> i think in response to what he said. >> sean: let me respond to what he said. >> you did not say that president obama as a constitutional lawyer or a civil rights lawyer should be sensitive. you said as a black, which brought race in. which had, in my opinion, no reason at all to bring race into an argument that is a constitutional argument. and is an argument about where life starts. blacks were not considered 3/5 of a human being because there was a debate about their humanity, if they were 80 or a
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fetus they were considered less than human. the debate around pro-life, pro-choice is whether scientists and others going before the court determines where life starts. that was not the debate with blacks. it didn't matter where life started or what point we were in life. we were considered less than human to equate the two is in my opinion certainly -- >> let me ask you this question, if the child in the womb is not human life. >> that's not the debate. you tried to use how blacks were dehumanized at any age and equate that with the argument that is before the american public and the courts that is not -- that does not fit. >> you just said the difference between the debate over slavery and abortion is the question of whether we're talking about a human life or not. >> no, i said there is a debate over where human life starts. there was no debate over where blacks' life started. the debate was blacks at any
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age. they didn't say blacks that hadn't started a heartbeat yet or didn't have lungs yet. any black, any age 3/an of a person. -- 3/5 of a person. any age. are we saying that somebody that is born or unborn is only 3/5 human? it is not the same thing. >> sean: i think this is important. an institute which compiles reproductive health status they say black women an their children at five times the ray of whites in america, twice the hispanic rate, the late is 11 abortion per 1,000 women. white women 28 for every 1,000 hispanics and 50 for every 1,000 black women. much higher rate, five times getter than the white community there.
12:18 am
is a racial component in that sense because the percentage in the black community is that much higher. >> if we are talking about the senator's comment. none taff that is what he debated. what i'm trying to get him to say and we can talk about pro-life, pro-choice, is that he should acknowledge that those that the comparison he made in the statement is not an appropriate comparison. >> i'm not going to acknowledge that. hold on, you've had your chance talk, now give me mine. you look at the child in the womb and you say there's a debate on whether that is a human life. there is no debate. that entity, at the moment of conception is alive and gwinnett lick human. you were that entity at -- genetically human. were you that entity, everybody is that end think -- entity. the question is, not whether that's a human life or not. you talk to any biology teacher, they will tell you
12:19 am
the same thing that is a human life. the question the justice posed whether that is a person that. is the exact argument that was made. >> that is an exact distortion of what you said. we're not debating whether or not blacks, which you brought up, not me sir, when you brought up the president should be sensitive because he was black. we are not debating whether or not at any stage blacks were human. we were debating that all blacks. there wasn't a debate. it was law all blacks any stage, any age were less than human. >> it was a great wrong. >> and it was two different things. we are not talking about -- there are scientists that say life starts at conception. others say when the fetus is formed and when there's a brain and a heart. there was no such debate. >> sean: we have to take a brach. one of the questions i want to
12:20 am
ask -- is the intention of senator santorum's comments were they not meant to help save the lives of innocent unborn? >> particularly as you mentioned in the black community. >> that's not what he said. >> sean: hang on, we'll give you a chance, i promise. more with rick santorum, reverend sharpton after the broke. -- after the break. >> rumors circulating that senator george allen is throwing his hat into the political ring. >> it is monday that means it ♪ [ male announcer ] from jet engines that have fewer emissions, to new ways to charge electric cars, to renewable sources of ean energy, ecomagination from ge is advantechnology that's good for both the economy and the environment. ♪ it's tecology that makes the world work. [ squawking ] ♪
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>> sean: as we continue with the reverend sharpton and former senator rick santorum. as we go back to your comments, talking about barack obama for a black man to say no, we are going to decide who are people and who are not people. i'm hearing reverend sharpton's arguments. maybe i am interpreting it a different way. i think you seem to be taking a stand for the life with these higher statistics of abortions in the african-american community and you want it to stop. >> absolutely. >> sean: do you not see that intention?
12:25 am
answer that question do you see that intention? >> if that is his intention that's what he should state. no one knows that better than you. when you came to the national network convention you challenged me on using racial language in the past and i said you were right and i was wrong. i'm saying the same thing that applied when sean hannity challenged al sharpton is when i challenge mr. santorum. you can't have it both ways sean. >> i'm not using racial language. >> it is the same as saying that someone who is jewish is sensitive to the issue of genocide. jewish groups and jewish people when there's genocide around the world they say we are not going to see what happened to us happen to another group. what i'm saying to what happened to blacks in america was blacks were not considered people under the constitution. any age, any stage. >> that's not what is happening here.
12:26 am
>> now we are saying another group of people are not being considered persons under the constitution that was my point. the other point which is an important one. what we see also is that abortion clinics, as you know reverend al, located predominantly in black and minority areas. 3/4 of planned parenthood clinics in the black community. one of the reasons you are seeing a higher abortion rate is because of from the beginning planned parenthood, was all about trying to reduce minority populations in america. >> i don't debate what the intention was. what i debate is if we are going to in a serious debate in this country under pro-life and pro-choice, if we are going to have a serious debate on when a fetus becomes a human being to bring the racement -- race element in, because of someone's race they should automatically be on one
12:27 am
side is device . if i can be corrected you can. >> i go back to not debating when a fetus becomes a human being. >> that is the debate. >> it is not. no question the fetus is a human being. >> you will acknowledge that some have said that they do not consider conception to be point where life starts? do you concede that? >> that may be their opinion. >> i'm talking science. what does science say. scientifically, biologically, that child in the womb at the moment of conception is human being. >> this is what the courts are dealing with now. you have an mind a racial standard to what our positions are -- there are many blacks that are pro-life there are many whites that are pro-choice. you took it upon yourself, based on the race of the president to make this a debate that becomes something different. >> sean: can i add one point.
12:28 am
in the black community, compared to the white community there are five to one higher abortion rate, isn't race then a component? >> race is a component when you raise that argument. that wasn't his argument. and the argument in front of the courts is that based on women's right to make a choice, they may make a choice that i grow. the question becomes when -- that i disagree with. the question becomes, when the fetus becomes the human? what he has done that i think -- >> are you saying that fetus is not human? >> may i finish. what he has done is saying because of a certain race we ought to have an automatic opinion a certain way, which in my opinion does not apply to what happened in slavery. >> sean: are you concerned about the high rate of abortion in the black community? >> i'm concerned about the high right of abortion, a lot of things in the black
12:29 am
community. i'm also concerned that people have the right to make choices in this country. >> sean: since row v wade the -- >> since roe vs. wade the black population should be double what it is today. it is almost half of what it would have been other than abortion this is an issue that the black community should be concerned about, you are right it is a separate point but the point sean made from both points. >> i would hope to see as you go forward in your campaign that you deal with a lot of things that blacks are -- across the board. >> you will see that. >> i think to rob people of their civil rights is not the answer to what you are raising -- >> the person who is most robbed is that child in the womb. >> to try and misconstrue what slavery was is also -- >> sean: really good debate. thank you both. >> it could be the comeback
12:30 am
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if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. it is time for an american comeback with leaders in washington who listen to we the people. today i'm announcing my candidacy for the u.s. senate. you know me as someone willing to fight for the people of virginia. i'd like the responsibility to fight for you again. hire me on for six years and i pledge to work hard, restoring freedom. personal responsibility. and opportunity for all. >> sean: that was part of a video released hours ago by former virginia governor and senator george allen. he has officially thrown his hat in the race. this sets up what will be a hotly contested rematch with
12:35 am
jim webb in 2006 webb defeated allen by less than half a percentage point. joining me, former virginia senator, governor george allen. offer my congratulations or condolences? >> it has been a good exciting first day. i say congratulations. it is an adventure the response has been encouraging to susan and me we are looking forward to continue to listen to the people of virginia whose voices and views have been ignored in washington. are frustrated in virginia as well as aoss the country if you look at these 2012 elections i think they will be pivotal in determining er to of our country, whether we continue declining or start -- i have ideas important to rein spending and making sure our country is a land of
12:36 am
opportunity for all with the right energy and economic policies for everyone to achieve their dreams. >> sean: there was a mailer today supporting you. they sent out interesting statistics. since jim webb left or took over your seat, at the time he left office the national debt was 8.6 trillion. now it is 14 trillion and going higher by the second. when i think back to your race, the that i sticks in my mind is webb was trying to convince the people of virginia he was conservative. is there anything you can point to that says, he kept that promise to the people of virginia? >> well, unfortunately he has voted with the washington liberals, like harry reid and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi on every single major significant issue they've been fighting for. whether it is epa regulation of co2, the stimulus spending
12:37 am
bill, which is added to our debt, bailouts, he has voted for this health care monstrosity. recently he voted to undermine one of the strengths of virginia our right to work laws. from my days as governor i know how important they are, which means people are not compelled to join a union as a condition of work. in virginia furtherest state north on the eastern seaboard with the right to work law which gives us a competitive advantage in keeping jobs in virginia as well as recruiting new jobs. i respect senator webb's service in our military, greatly. however, he has been voting wrong. not withstanding what he will say. he will say one thing then vote with the liberals in washington, which are harmful to jobs, debt and opportunities. >> sean: they passed repeal in the house for obamacare. harry reid is not allowing, up
12:38 am
to now, a vote in the senate on obamacare. if he has to vote on that again, i can't see him changing his position. would that be a key vote for the people of virginia? >> i think it is. a key vote, his vote was the determinative vote on christmas eve, when he voted for it. he was the 60th vote for it. in this campaign, what i would like to do is not only are we against this massive health care experiment on the mandates and the dictates and the dependency on government. i think it is important we move forward with ideas that make sense to make sure health insurance is more affordable for families and business owners. i like ideas, whether it is making sure tax breaks are there for individuals. i'd like to see insurance having more competition, health insurance allowing sales across state lines. empower individuals with personalized portable health savings accounts, which i
12:39 am
think will change all the dynamics and make health insurance something you are not tied to the employer or government. i think there's really good
12:40 am
interviews and one liberal member of the media after another wants to keep bringing that to the forefront? >> i deal with it forthrightly. i made a mistake. i never should have dragged this young man into the debate. he was following me around and doing a tough job. and he never should have been made part of the issue. it also diverted attention away from what people care about. businesses and families care about jobs. it was a mistake. i had no intention of anything malicious with it. i've apologized for. and i take responsibility. the other responsibility i have is to my family. campaigns are very tough for families. i never want to do anything ever again that would have my family have to endure the taunts and in s due to my mistakes. i didn't like losing. one learns from mistakes, it is humling. i'm going to promise, as i ask the people of virginia to hire
12:41 am
me on, in this campaign i'm going to do better. as a senator, i'm going to work very hard to fight for the opportunities all virginians and all americans to compete and succeed and achieve their dreams here in our wonderful blessed land of america. >> sean: senator, this is going to be a key race come 2012, we'll be following it closely. thank you. good luck in your campaign. >> thank you. we are going to stand strong for freedom. >> sean: george allen. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you.
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he's back, fox news contributor, the ever centrist, not progressive, not liberal
12:46 am
bob beckel is here. national press secretary for mike huckabee, alice stewart. host of the tony barnhart show, the one and only. good to see you. bob was ribbing you about the bulldogs what was that about? >> i did tony's show. he knows football well. he's one of these sec people they get lost sometimes. they think they invented football. >> we are both bulldogs and we ended that once we started talking about how well democrats did on november 2nd. >> sean: he was right. >> five straight national championships s, y. >> sean: good point. president is going to give the state of the union tomorrow. last week when he this the repeal of the health care vote in the house of representatives, republicans were accused, if they wanted to repeal it of
12:47 am
killing people. of course the comparison to nazi probe beganist, joseph goebbels. >> they say it is a government -- take over of health care, a big lie just like goebbels, you say it enough, repeat the lie and people believe it. like blood libel that's the same kind of thing. the germans said enough about the jews and the people believed it and you had the holocaust. >> sean: he's standing by it. >> yesterday on the floor, mike pence talked about government take over of health care and others did and bachmann was talking socialist. those are the buzzwords that are false and shouldn't be used but they continue using them. mike pence says he wants to be concise, careful and consistent. that's somebody who i will never mention again who lived in a previous century who worked for wad people is what he did.
12:48 am
>> they don't like the message or messenger they say they are racist. in this case they say nazi propagandist. it is more democratic policy. >> first, he's from tennessee, he ought to know better. the thing about it, we you do stuff like this, you make it worse when you try to walk it back. he shouldn't make that analogy. nobody should make that kind after knoll . just say, i was wrong, what i should have said was liar, liar, pants on fire. you don't say stuff like that. >> is with a bad use of an example. i think -- he should have walked it back. republicans using propaganda, scare tactics, they've raised death panels, lied, it is not the law of the land and there's nothing you can do about it. >> in your dreams they are gonna repeal it.
12:49 am
>> or not make sure it gets the funding. >> just say he lied but >> i couu more. republicans have been talking -- by the way, i didn't have health care before, i now do, because of obamacare, i'm very happy about it. >> we have this pianist -- >> a what? >> sean: a chinese pianist, he played an propaganda melody from the korean war. the chinese president knew what this was. this could only happen unobama. >> are you kidding me! are we doing a segment on that? >> how did obama know what that song was about? do you speak chinese? >> this guy said he did it pause it was one of his favorite songs this was used
12:50 am
against -- against the americans back in the war, anti-american -- >> sean: it has opinion a favorite anti-american propaganda tool for decades. >> here's where obama's staff let him down. you know the chinese approved of this. the question is, did obama's staff, did they know? did they not know? you to take the knucklehead stuff off the desk, bob. >> a gee. i think they should have checked it out -- probably more important things to worry about than what was played at the state dinner. >> sean: if it is an anti-american propaganda song for decades played at the white house. >> did you know it was? >> sean: i did. >> white house has been informed of the nature of the song and still said it is okay. this pianist said it is one of his favorite songs. >> the only pianist i ever knew was jerry lee lewis who
12:51 am
married his 13-year-old cousin. >> sean: ted koppel blaming reagan for the iranian hostage crisis? more more straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: we continue. i used to love to watch "nightline" i thought ted koppel was a great interviewer. i don't understand braming -- blaming reagan for the iranian hostage crisis. koppel said ultimately reagan's broad shoulder bravado was no more effective in dealing with tehran than carter's mild mannered diplomacy. were you in the white house at that time? >> i'm not sure i understand where he's coming from. i think the iranians from a purely insult carter decided to release them once carter ceased to be president. that doesn't surprise me. i don't get the connection about what koppel was talking about. there has been for a long time a belief there were operatives of the reagan campaign that
12:56 am
tried to disrupt negotiations on the hostage release the year before. i was one who believed that for a long time. i've come to believe that's not true. >> that's not true. ed rollins when he was moving into the white house while you guys were moving out, they were thinking about ways to move into the white house and how we can make this a stronger country. he started off by example of peace through strength and continued to build on military to the strongest super power we have. carter was back home growing peanuts. >> sean: they through reagan were act. >> i have a great deal of respect for ted koppel. ip he was making. i guess on the 100th anniversary of reagan's birth you are going to see some go he wasn't as good as you guys thought. maybe that is going on. there's so much praise honore again maybe koppel -- >> let me add some not praise in the eight years, he never
12:57 am
offered a balanced budget, and ran up the largest tax increase in history. not all of us are reagan supporters. >> sean: the largest tax decrease with a massive net tax decrease bob. 70 to 28% top rates decreased under reagan. doubled revenues, dealing with a liberal congress. >> i don't it was 28. the fact is the payroll taxes went up. you can argue that it saved social security. look, i was up against ronald reagan in two elections, i have his license plate tattooed here. very few have more respect for that guy than i do. that was one smart, tough politician. >> sean: all the liberals that hated him all these years singing his praises, at the time he was dumb, cowboy, reckless. >> when carter was president
12:58 am
we had one of the weakest military. military members on welfare and ships that couldn't sail. reagan came in and built up the military. >> wait a second. you know the command the central command that takes these two wars, you know who started that? jimmy carter. who put nuclear weapons in europe that scared russians? jimmy carter. >> sean: he created a gap of vulnerability and showed weakness to the world. >> you have to admit people are coming around -- sam donaldson for crying out loud said, i was wrong. the i go was pretty good at what he did. >> i'm just arguing that carter was not as bad as my colleague from arkansasp9d or georgia will admit. carter was faced with a very tough situation. let's remember, that was -- opec came along. >> sean: can the president
12:59 am
tomorrow convince americans that he's moving to the center successfully? i don't believe the rhetoric, show me substance. >> i want to see him repeat something he said the government needs to be leaner and more efficient to operate in the 21st century. a, will he say that? my good friend bob beckel, that is going to drive them nuts if he says that. >> we are already hearing things he's going to point out about innovation and investment. that means money, taxes, spending. >> sean: he's going to use the buzzword investment. >> first, we shouldn't have the centrist argument since the republican party has no more center. the republican's party definition of centrist is conservative and their mainstay is right wing. the idea that he's going to move center is ridiculous. where he is, anybody could be the center of where the republicans are between them and their tea party people. you have moved so far right that -- >> sean: your party is so right down the middle. >> i'm telling


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